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Wednesday, Nov. 13

Gratitude Journal (remember the date and bullets)


Go to e-mail to retreive log in info.

Read New Debate: Password Protected and answer questions.

Typing games when finished.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

Typing (if you have finished all lessons, you may proceed to number or pratice lessons)

Thursday, Nov. 8

Create a word cloud with words describing Veterans at

Click “vizualize” to create

Click on download.  Select Standard JPEG

Click arrow in bottom left and show in folder.

Click and drag to desktop folder

Email as attachment to with your name in the subject.


OR Type a word to describe a veteran in Google Docs. Turn to landscape, change margins to .5 and make font fill the page. Cut and glue on red or blue paper.


Wednesday, Nov. 7

Keyboarding Test

Publisher-Create a sign about yourself, your interests, or hobbies.

  • insert picture
  • insert text box
  • must include 2 different fonts
  • print

Wednesday, Oct. 24

  1. Gratitude Journal
  2. Open Publisher
  3. Creat a blank “Just say NO!” sign for an elementary student
    1. Insert text boxes
    2. Insert a clip art or shape
    3. Print to Grubbs Copy and sign your name


Tuesday, Oct. 23

  1. EduTyping Lesson
  2. EduTyping Games
  • Work on each until you are told you can move on.  Work hard and be respectful.  If you participated in MEME/VINE day, have the substitue write your name down!


Wednesday, Oct. 17

  1. Gratitude Journal
  2. Make an acrostic with your name using 4 words to describe yourslef.
  • Set all margins to .5 (under File, Page Setup)
  • Use at least 2 legible black fonts.
  • Pick landscape or potrait, but fill the page.
  • Print to Grubbs copy.